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Karma comes home to roost

Karma always comes home to roost.
I repeat the title with a greater sense of understanding today.

Each morning I rise with a gutted feeling inside. I'm not suicidal, but sometimes I wish I weren't alive.

A friend told me just yesterday,"You are an extremely lucky man! You have loving parents, friends who dote on you...enough and more money and material things to lead a very happy comfortable life...tell your brain to stop fucking with your happiness and let you look at all the positives..millions would give anything to have your life.."

I wish it were so easy.
My happy facade has been just that. A facade. This facade has been there for the last 20 years. It has taken over my elemental form.
The only way to keep my inner demons at bay has been this facade. It has been my wall in the north and I've stood guard upon it like the steadfast soldier that I am.

I'm 40 now. Age may be a number. But life isn't.
And I grow tired of standing guard. I grow tired of t…


If life was a Hollywood film... the action would be intense,
It's actually closer to Bollywood... with the same people and the same stories.

Giving up on real life opportunities to create the iconic twists, the hallmark of great cinema and it's storytellers. If every story had the same ending, how would one imagine the what-ifs of life?

Some stories come out best when they start with an ending. It makes for more poignant stories when you deal with certain characters. There is an element of drama on an unfulfilled love story or unrequited love too.

The mundane is never enough for some of us. The happily ever after is an ending from the fairytales of the brothers Grimm.