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There’s that feeling sometimes that committing my thoughts to the written word would lessen their value in the real world of my mind. Conversely if I fail to do so, they remain in an irksome mood and that results in a far more conflicted head.
I’ve never believed that I would write great literature. But there’s a flow of thoughts here that sometimes begs expression. I am scared of writing about this dream. Yet to leave her in my heart and mind alone, keeps them in  little pieces.
My eyes are clouded with sleep having had a sleepless Sunday night to catch that early morning flight to work. Why is it that what I crave most in life, a feeling of loving someone completely eludes me ? Is it that I love myself too much? I want to be loved as most people I know. But I want to love someone more than I love myself. I want to love her more than the boundaries of love itself. I want to give myself up for her. To see her smile and hold that instant forever. And that smile gives me happiness, immeas…