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Wednesday, May 07, 2014
Inferiority, Superiority, Equality - big words from the English dictionary.

Inferiority is about being less than something/someone - WE ABHOR IT.

Superiority is a feeling that we're better than the rest - GIVES A TEMPORARY HIGH.

Equality is a MYTH.

We'd like (at least most of us would) to believe that we're born equal in the eyes of god. I disagree.
He never meant for us to be equal, not in this day and age at least. May be around the time that Ada and eve were around. But not now.

Hindus believe in Karma and how it is a bitch cos' it come around to bite you again and again.
Yes - karma can be a blessing or a bitch - depending on how you handle it. And it comes back in full measure.

So how the hell can we be born equal if we're governed by our past life karma. We can offset some of it in this lifetime - but not all.
And so I humbly submit that we're not equal. Not all of us. We're just different.

The key word is DIFFERENT.
We gotta love each other for being different. Let's not classify everything in black and white. That would be bland and banal. Now let's enjoy the colours of the rainbow - let's revel in the colours of life.

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