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Tweeting with the Bengali Foodie

So here I am - interviewing @_soumyasree_ on the bong food forum that she administers. Twitter ensures that the answers are short and tasty

The forum is located at 
Quick question on your food forum. What's the inspiration?
The demanding pallate of @csougata

One more quickie. What's the ultimate objective?
Not to let the traditional bengali recipes (and others if I can manage to fish out) get lost after our mothers & aunts retire. But there's a language drawback. Since I started it just as note to self, some recipes are in bengali. Of course. Just needs some time and patience. But I do it impromptu if someone asks for a particular recipe
Where do you plan to go with it in the near future ?
To organise it properly first. And to translate the recipes in bangla to english for wider comprehension
That's a great idea. Any plans for crowdsourcing of recipes?
As you might have noticed BiteByByte is a forum and Not a Blog. As such member participation has been key since inception

So what is the most discussed recipe on the blog? The one that people couldn't get enough of.
Meat and fish recipes generally get more attention.

I know bengalis prefer those meats. But there are some great vegan dishes out there. Any plans on promoting the veg palate?
Very much. More since my mom has turned vegetarian. Also, contrary to general belief, Bong kitchen offers variety of veg dishes

Any special dishes that you reccommend?
Veg #Recipe. Lentil Fritters in Spicy Sauce (Daal er Borar Jhaal)
That reads yummy. Trust it will taste even better.
Thanks. If anyone is interested to try it, I shall be happy to translate the recipe from Bangla to English.
But no forum works without some good administration. That's a known fact.
I agree. And also I have not approached it professionally ever. So it's a little scattered. And I admit that.
I would be happy if someone joins the administrative team to help. But never ask since there's no incentive involved.
Have you considered offline interactions with folks who've contributed on the forum? Something different and interactive.
Have interacted on Facebook Orkut. But since they are scattered across the globe, it's difficult to plan a meet.
Just reached office. Talk to ya in a bit
Sure. Have a nice day. And thanks again.

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