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Metro times

What's playing on the mind standing the 75 minute ride home is a collection of myriad musings.
What's with the weird looks they keep throwing my way? But then it isn't about me - not just about me. People are always looking around and something just fixes their gaze this ways. Must be the shine off the top of my baldness.

The metro journey makes for a good workout of the powers of observation. Not intended in a lecherous manner, though I wouldn't put that past me if the subject was deserving.
Case in question: people sitting and staring hard at the bum in from of them. I wonder why they do that. Are they looking to pull something out of the back facing ass or wishing theirs was as tight?

Mostly there is a lot of silence. People must talk, but the music blaring into my ears keeps me safe. I base my readings entirely on eyesight and body language.

Why does a woman in a knee length skirt merit such a large group of men around her? Move over guys, I want some NSP too. NSP- Nainsook prapti for the uninitiated is the term used to describe a feast for the eyes. Men will be boys and not vice versa.

I hate these jerks who are always looking for others to adjust. If the metro seating is for 7, I see no reason for 8 to be forcibly adjusted. So I refuse to adjust or if the guy next to me moves over, I refuse to budge and ensure that no.8 sirs at the edge, all set to fall over

Another quick observation today. Sitting next to the reserved ladies seat in the morning metro. The guy next to me got up when the pretty ones arrived. Now, instead of sitting there they asked me to shift into the ladies seat. I promptly refused having on an earlier occasion been hoodwinked into vacating that seat 5 mins later by another lady. She gave me a dirty look and she wasn't so pretty any more.

That's it for now. More metro musings as we encounter them.

PS: A quick update on the skirted lady - she actually stopped and talked to me as we de-boarded at Huda city centre. She had a query on the iPad which I was able to verbally resolve.


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