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I did not come running to you for the wedding shoot assignment.  In fact I did not even know about you.

You came to me at what is technically the last minute - 1 month prior to the wedding.

You give me references of friends who are dear to me and so I was flexible in more ways than One.

Yes - I believed you and did not take any advance.. as a matter of faith - one human to another.

You did not keep in touch and when I followed up - all seemed to be well.

So when you get someone else to call me up a week before the shoot and tell me it's off - we hired someone else cos' your shoestring was too much for us - pardon me for NOT smiling. I'm sure you had your limitations - but that's really none of my business. I helped out when you asked me to to mitigate some of that as well.

So I am upset that you couldn't be woman enough to call me. Why get a man to do what women do best?

Now when I cancel the tickets - the voice on the sms tells me we can do a one day shoot. ha!

If I was not who I am - I'd have taken you up on it.

But then - me being me - just did what I'm good at - and wished you the very best of luck with the wedding.

Call it arrogance if you may. I'd rather take my loss than do a shoot that's forced upon someone by feelings of guilt and negativity. It just won't be the same. I take my photography, passion as it is, quite seriously and to heart. Just for my sake - I will remember this.

I'm not going to name you and badmouth the whole system. Lord knows there are some good people out there.  I've been lucky to meet them mostly.

.... and then again - life is a boomerang.


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