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Tweeting with the Bengali Foodie

So here I am - interviewing @_soumyasree_ on the bong food forum that she administers. Twitter ensures that the answers are short and tasty
The forum is located at Quick question on your food forum. What's the inspiration? The demanding pallate of @csougata
One more quickie. What's the ultimate objective? Not to let the traditional bengali recipes (and others if I can manage to fish out) get lost after our mothers & aunts retire. But there's a language drawback. Since I started it just as note to self, some recipes are in bengali. Of course. Just needs some time and patience. But I do it impromptu if someone asks for a particular recipe Where do you plan to go with it in the near future ? To organise it properly first. And to translate the recipes in bangla to english for wider comprehension That's a great idea. Any plans for crowdsourcing of recipes? As you might have noticed BiteByByte is a forum and Not a Blog. As such member participati…

Metro times

What's playing on the mind standing the 75 minute ride home is a collection of myriad musings.
What's with the weird looks they keep throwing my way? But then it isn't about me - not just about me. People are always looking around and something just fixes their gaze this ways. Must be the shine off the top of my baldness. The metro journey makes for a good workout of the powers of observation. Not intended in a lecherous manner, though I wouldn't put that past me if the subject was deserving.
Case in question: people sitting and staring hard at the bum in from of them. I wonder why they do that. Are they looking to pull something out of the back facing ass or wishing theirs was as tight?Mostly there is a lot of silence. People must talk, but the music blaring into my ears keeps me safe. I base my readings entirely on eyesight and body language. Why does a woman in a knee length skirt merit such a large group of men around her? Move over guys, I want some NSP too. NSP- …


I did not come running to you for the wedding shoot assignment.  In fact I did not even know about you.You came to me at what is technically the last minute - 1 month prior to the wedding.You give me references of friends who are dear to me and so I was flexible in more ways than One.Yes - I believed you and did not take any advance.. as a matter of faith - one human to another.You did not keep in touch and when I followed up - all seemed to be well.
So when you get someone else to call me up a week before the shoot and tell me it's off - we hired someone else cos' your shoestring was too much for us - pardon me for NOT smiling. I'm sure you had your limitations - but that's really none of my business. I helped out when you asked me to to mitigate some of that as well.So I am upset that you couldn't be woman enough to call me. Why get a man to do what women do best?
Now when I cancel the tickets - the voice on the sms tells me we can do a one day shoot. ha!If I was n…

The piano man

Sitting bored in the mall when we could be shopping for her gift. The lady is on an official call, so I'm sitting by the wayside observing the man in the centre of the atrium. He's playing a piano. Hence the name - piano manHe's playing a melody oblivious to the sea of humanity around him. No mean task as it is. His tunes run a plethora of melody with no fixed agenda as it is. He looks around hoping someone would make a request - but the crowd treats him like they would an invisible entity. There's pain in the back of his mind and heart. Nothing hurts an artiste more than invisibility. He never knew he'd end up like this playing the walking melody to thousands. His music had always been planned on the good graces of melody with people singing in chorus.
That things did not go as planned, well no surprise there. Circumstance might have been fortuitous had he been willing to bend over. Ever the true blooded artiste, he'd chosen the path less traveled.Now the wai…