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Tuesday, May 31, 2011
The wheel weaves as the wheel wills. We are part of this great pattern that stretches from the moment of creation till coherence dies out. And then some more.
Not a profound thought emanating from the depths of my mind. But true, all the same.

We are threads winding one over the other, some thicker than the rest. There are those amongst us who claim to make their own destiny changing the lives of the ones around us. Some of us bind others around our thread knowingly or not making us the centre of that small universe for awhile. A microcosm of the universe at large. Some of us have experiences on human interaction that logic fails to explain. A passing face, a familiar exchange of words, and then sometimes, just a look. Some threads that were unwound a while ago come back to be bound stronger than the past. What the butterfly effect does is alter a part of that weave of the pattern.

I get this gut feeling many a time that I'm in the presence of people who are going to impact my life, now or later. Its just a feeling that comes and goes at it's choosing. Sometimes I'm able to identify the person indicated, mostly not. Some would say I read too much - but I've learned not to ignore Mr.Gut Feeling. Better safe than sorry later, I say.

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Pension Rations

Wednesday, May 11, 2011
The very real danger in pension investments is a gross miscalculation of requirements at the time of retirement. Thus you may actually end up investing less expecting returns which may be improbable at the time.
True, soothsaying ability would be helpful to see how things would be 20 years down the line. But that's limited to god himself.
It can be correctly expected that the buying power of the rupee will decline with the passage of time.

So we're stuck with a couple of problems here.
- The old may be getting older - but they're living it and increasing the cost on us.
- Also, the nuclear families in the current era reflect smaller family sizes. So a family of 2 kids supports an elder sample size of 4-6.
- Another trend is the lowering of the retirement age - call it the creative calling. So my 40+ years old banker retiring from active service joins the burden that we bear. He might have the investments to back his retirement. But he's moved from an active contributor to someone who is a pure consumer.
I haven't even started talking about government healthcare benefits.... That would require more learned discussion.

Now that we have some clarity on the nature of the beast, time we put a leash on him.

- Start saving more keeping estimations on returns on the lower end of the spectrum.
- Work longer, keeping at least 55% of estimated lifespan as working life. I'm talking about time spent earning a living, not school and college.
- Let's assume the theoretical lifespan is 80 years.
20 years - education etc
44 years - work like a man
16 years - enjoy retirement.

That's what I'm gonna do anyhow

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