Crazy world... insane thoughts
It's like the title says...

A life so fragile

A random thought that crossed my mind - lose a telephone exchange and you wouldn't be able to buy yourself any food. Yeah, come to think of it - no credit card, no internet and whamm!! Game over.

I love my technology - but this love has made me fragile. My personal ecosystem has become dependent on the flow of electrons to the extent that most of what I do (apart from the bodily functions) is electricity or internet dependent.

  • talk to my family / friends and stay connected to the world around me
  • check for email
  • search for help 
  • find an address
  • read the newspaper
  • buy & read books
  • buy petrol
  • cook food
  • get the wife a gift
  • take photographs
  • and the list goes on!!
The end of what we call a normal life, will come. And it never knocks before entering. 
So plan for it and strengthen your system.... that way you might just survive

Now that gave some food for thought. Good post !

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