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A life so fragile

Monday, April 11, 2011
A random thought that crossed my mind - lose a telephone exchange and you wouldn't be able to buy yourself any food. Yeah, come to think of it - no credit card, no internet and whamm!! Game over.

I love my technology - but this love has made me fragile. My personal ecosystem has become dependent on the flow of electrons to the extent that most of what I do (apart from the bodily functions) is electricity or internet dependent.

  • talk to my family / friends and stay connected to the world around me
  • check for email
  • search for help 
  • find an address
  • read the newspaper
  • buy & read books
  • buy petrol
  • cook food
  • get the wife a gift
  • take photographs
  • and the list goes on!!
The end of what we call a normal life, will come. And it never knocks before entering. 
So plan for it and strengthen your system.... that way you might just survive
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Only time will tell

Friday, April 08, 2011
It's not always the easiest of things - getting a suitable reaction from nonchalant folks that is. Anna seems to have done that with familiar ease. Call him a phenomenon or whatever is synonymous with it. He has appealed to the collective mindset and there's an outrage that makes one believe the paradigm may shift.

No doubt the nay Sayers are having a field day too. We are used to being skeptics and fear that good may one day come to pass.

The government is behaving along predictable lines and is all set to make a martyr. The question is - are they prepared to handle the consequences.

A question that only time will answer.

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The viewing angle

Wednesday, April 06, 2011
What's a few years plus or minus when you consider a lifetime as a point of measurement. However, we are trained to think in terms of the here and now rather than adopt a big picture view. It's always the planet versus the galaxy argument here.

I believe that it's vital to keep both - micro & macro vision in correct perspective when making a choice. Life is after all, a succession of choices viewed expertly in hindsight. Rearview vision is always 20/20. But we tend to go with tactical moves without demonstrating sufficient strategic intent. The successful ones tie one to the other.

So you want to be a photographer. A famous one at that, making greens by the load. It wont happen overnight unless the tooth fairy drops by and feels generous. You got to work at it. I'm in the process working 6 days on the regular job and skipping about here and there landing myself an assignment every now and then.
The first step was the toughest. I had more nervous nellies than I'd care to count.A very dear friend had me over shooting her nephews first birthday. I was too overwhelmed to ask for remuneration. She did her bit though. My only deal was that I'd shoot the images my way. Candid and natural. I got home with 485 images and was scared, still wondering if I could do justice to the post processing. Luckily, things turned out fine. Even today she sends assignments my way and still, I get Tongue tied asking for compensation.

But yeah, moving ahead of the first step, things slowed down. At first the high of the initial assignment kept me going. Then a lil despondence began to creep in as there were compliments on the photographs I posted on Facebook, but no assignments. A wait of 6 months ensued before I shot the next photograph, as a paid assignment. I questioned myself a lot in those 180 days and remained focussed on clicking for fun. It paid off in the end. Somewhere a young bride to be had seen my pics. She went out on a limb and we were on. Her Australian fiancé was a tad skeptical, but she tided over that. There's been no looking back ever since.

As a matter of principle, I take on only a couple of assignments a month. That ensures I can focus on both, the day job and my photography without being unfair to either.

I keep both the macro and micro pictures in my head all the time. Every step, no matter how small, brings me closer to my destination.

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