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Your story

All of us tell stories. These stories define us.

How we tell our story makes all the difference in life. It makes a difference on the way people look at us and understand where we're coming from. A story is also the most effective method of running some helpful self analysis and sorting out the road ahead.

Getting the story elements right is critical to good reading. It is vital that the readers get involved and feel that they have a stake in your success.

There's always the protagonist - the hero, that's you.
Then there's the situation into which he has been thrust. A job for example.
Follow that up with the spice. The reason why he can't continue working as he always did. Call this guy the villain, could be the boss or maybe a set of changed Market conditions.
So what does the hero (you) do in this case. This forms the crux of your story. What did you do differently?
Results notwithstanding the reader must identify with you.

Now apply this to your resume. Many make the mistake of only putting in chronological events without the spice of the story- their accomplishments. So you didn't save a fair maiden. But you brought down costs. That works just as well. Substantiate that with your tenures and where it took you. Readers love that twist in the tale.

Focus on your audience. A business manager in the purchase department thinks differently from the CEO. Different strokes for different blokes. It's a Good idea to be able to add different hues to the same story.

Not every story is one of success. Tragedies sell too. The key element is creating a tale which is followed and identified with. Go on... Tell your tale.


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