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Why Skimp?

As the word is aptly defined, “providing or consisting of less than is needed”. Of course, it’s important to put down the “needs” and the “wants” with equal alacrity. Indian weddings are not rally known for being skimpy, so why this?

I’ve been attending weddings for quite a while now. Sometimes as a guest, but mostly in my role as a wedding photographer. This does allow some insight into human psyche and the actions that result thereof. It is in my nature to be observant and records memories. As a wedding photographer, I am entrusted with a great responsibility - to ensure that you love what you see, 10 years down the line. The images may not be perfect - but they must reflect perfection. 
Now here’s the catch. The average Indian family spends more on flower arrangements than they would spend on a specialist photographer entrusted with the capturing of these moments (he/she also captures the flower arrangements for what it’s worth). Maybe it’s an old paradigm - but I believe that it’s time for a shift. We need to respect the work that the photographer puts in. It’s not just about being there with camera in hand. The amount of work the photographer puts in AFTER the wedding is almost (if not more) than the actual event itself. 
Wedding photography was never the most sought after profession. I don’t see things changing on that front, even though more people own DSLRs than they did 5 years ago. 
A camera in hand does not a photographer make. 
But it does give you a chance.

But why SKIMP on the one thing that you’re gonna be seeing for a long time hereafter? The images remain with you forever and on the internet for more than forever. 99.9% of the world didn’t attend your wedding. But they did see the images and guess what - they almost felt a part of it. You spent 125,000 on a wedding outfit, but couldn’t afford the right photographer to capture you in it. Apparently - the package deal didn’t work out. 
You preferred instead the regular studio guys who are always in your face, asking you to smile (even when they’re rude) and stepping on all your toes (all the time). You hate posing on stage with the “new” husband cos’ the traditional photog makes you do such filmy poses that you cringe; but hey it’s all part of the package. You’re dead tired, but you gotta give that last shot. Kinda feels like being in the movies - only difference is, you’re financing it.
The photographer is not just a chronicler of the special day(s) but is also your friend. So when you smile at your friends, give him a smile too. It makes his day just seeing those pearly whites come naturally on your beaming face.
So put those needs and wants down on paper(or MS Excel) and do a priority check. Most of us get married but once...... make the most of it and hold on to those memories.

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