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Travelling the metro has become a daily routine now. Once the novelty wore off, I've just kinda got used to it. I try not to be one of the dour faced commuters executing the robotic function of going to work. 

People still look at me typing away on the iPad as some kind of novelty. If only we'd move ahead of that. 

For my part, I like to observe. A 3rd party view or gods eye view. Call it whatever. 

People watching can be a full time activity without appearing "nuts" .

There are the silent ones with purged up faces looking like they just had a lobotomy. 

Then the swingers who move with the metro coach. Every jolt is reflected in their posture. So these guys are never really standing straight. 

The chirpy ones with music in their ears are also special. Only as long as their volumes are on mute. 

Sleepyheads also abound. They sit , they sleep off. Miraculously, they awake just as their station arrives.  I was once in their category - travelling from Huda city centre in deep sleep, to be woken by a middle aged aunty the termination junction. 

One cannot forget the lovers. This category of couples searches for space in the area where the coaches interconnect. Not much in terms of privacy. But at least they can hold hands without being stared at from both sides. 

There is also a special category of "shameless" travellers who occupy the seats reserved for the old, handicapped and ladies. The less besharam ones pull a pigeon when one of the aforementioned approaches. The habitual offenders stare down their targets daring them to make a call and evict them. 

Public travel in India is famous for the one liner - kindly adjust. So this special class of commuters will look at you and request, "kindly adjust". Suddenly 8 people will be sitting in space meant for 7. If it's not the adjustment factor, there are always close friends and relatives who will want to share their seat and inconvenience the mango people around. 

But it is heartening to see women not being groped and dilliwallahs standing in a queue (once in a while) when they're in the metro. 

So very un-dilli-like


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