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Monday, February 28, 2011
Time is money. Too much of it can induce boredom. Waiting for a flight announcement is quite the painful task. This time the airline folks have pulled of a Houdini. No one is around to face the ire of the disgruntled passenger.

My backpack weighs heavy on the shoulder but that's of no concern to Spicejet. That's when the iPad comes out and the language flows. The big question : is violence a solution here? Being mr.Gandhi is definitely not working.
Then there's an announcement and we make a beeline for the counter. Interestingly enough in this country, get 3 people to stand in a format resembling a queue and the rest assume there's a free giveaway - so they all get in line too.

I question them on the delay.. and they look askance. My watch must be out of sync with their little brains. These are characters straight out of a Dilbert cartoon strip. But then they never expect the Mango man to question their actions or inactions as the case may be. The other mango travelers with me raise their voices but who's listening. After a point in time - we just buffer these delays into any business planning.

The flight is nice but the landing is the bumpiest in recent times. Must be my law of flying averages catching up with me. Fingers crossed as we come to a hurried stop. Mumbai is here...

(penned last week, posted today)

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