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Sorry for the inconvenience

Monday mornings are it.
Mr. Murphy is on a roll. Everything seems to be acting up. There's this lovely curtain of White across the runway which has limited visibility to the immediate proximity. My flight scheduled for 0745 is being rescheduled constantly. The current estimated time of departure is 1015 hours. They still have an hour on hand to reschedule that particular time. I trust the fog will force their hand.
Still I'm better off than those poor folks on board their flights for the last 2.5 hours sitting like ducks on the Tarmac. I got a couple of calls from friends on their respective work trips sitting it out with no space to move around.
All around, flights are getting pushed back and the mango passengers are getting pushed around.

I was hoping to escape the morning chill - but here I am cooling my heels in sight of the exit. The inconvenience caused is deeply regretted.


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