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After a while

So here's the deal. I'd given up on writing for sometime. It wasn't that the thinking process had stopped; rather the effort necessary was not forthcoming. One month into the new year, I realised the error in motivation and decided to rewind the tape.
That's just how I am.

We live in a freezing house. Her love warms it into a home. But we still freeze. The reason for this frigid temperature is the Delhi winter coupled with low or no sunlight. It does stay cool in the summers though. I'm currently huddled up in multiple layers of warm clothing with a mock fur cap (that keeps the bald top warm). It's the middle of the afternoon. She's taking in her Sunday nap by my side after a heavy pasta session. The idea of a nap seems alluring but I won't sleep well at night and that is important. An early morning flight to Hyderabad awaits my arrival. A long week no doubt; with lots of walking a fine line involved.
At least I have a long Valentines weekend to look forward to. She has made some plans but will not let me into them for the present. I know it involves some travel but the destination is unknown.
All her friends know it but won't risk her wrath by sharing the details with yours truly.

So I shall wait.... With bated breath.


I wonder where she plans to whisk you away Arjun. :-) Heheheh! Secret I guess.

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