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Sunday, December 19, 2010
They say a flood makes the land on the river bank more fertile. They never talk about the deaths that came about because of the flood. So also with fate.

It's funny how fate lacks sense.
The decision to come to a favorable conclusion - all's well that ends well, leaves a lot of broken bodies &  minds in its wake.

The Journey is the reward - an aphorism that I love to abhor.
It's the challenging portion, no doubt - but I prefer the end result (esp if it's in my favor).

I'd love to see myself the visionary - but vision impaired is the more likely outcome. Going through life wondering if I'm keeping to my so called 5 /10 year plan. They say every action should be in keeping with my goals - but they rarely ever are. Somehow things seem to fall into place and I look good on the face of it.
But I never planned for the good stuff to happen. It just did.
Oh - I look upwards and thank him tons. But if someone were to ask me the details of how I got where I am today - check with Fate!!
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Death unnaturally

Monday, December 13, 2010
Death comes to us all. It's natural so to say.
But we look upon it with unnatural fear and loathing. I'd like to believe that I'm special and above it all; in vain.

There's no telling when it'll come my way although I'm hopeful that there's still time to that moment. But I'd like my life and the death that follows to be of some meaning. No I don't want martyrdom in the name of country or religion. I'm simply trying to get a hang of the bigger picture here. The big bang had an impact on this universe in it's own little way. I'd like to be able to help too.

If I were faced with the inevitability of it, would I stop fearing it ?
Let's just say that there was to be an extinction level event tomorrow - could I deal with it knowing there's nothing I could do to avoid atomisation?
Maybe I'd get drunk, stay drunk. Or I'd spend it with the family in quiet introspection. There'd obviously not be enough time to do all that I'd planned for. But something inside feels that I would never give up trying to live till that last neural nerve worked. I'd be looking to squeeze that last bit of hope for survival as long as possible. This whole Human Spirit thing always leaves me a tad flummoxed.

I do not fret about the after life. I do not fret in the current life. But I still worry myself over that moment. But like a good doctor always tell his patient before the injection - you won't feel a thing.
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