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The iPad phenomenon

One week of owning this very interesting device. I thought the charm would wear off soon. It hasn't. In fact I'm now convincing others to own it as well.

Son what can I do with it. Mostly everything I need to stay occupied including high end photo editing tasks hitherto considered the dominion of the MacBook. The software is cheaper too.

I blog from the iPad. Stay socially connected wherever I am. Edit my photographs , watch flicks and listen to music too. If I'm bored I download the latest issue of any magazine I wanna read or a book thats available in the snoop format.

It's good for use at work when I need to make that presentation to the customer or play angry birds while I wait for an appointment. Check out the recipes online or a topic on wiki. Keep track of appointments, birthdays or things to do.

This will not replace my MacBook or the iPhone. But it makes life more interesting. All 9.7 inches of it.

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