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One day...

one day the world will end
some will call it a beginning
it's only a matter of perception
i wonder where I will be on that day.
i mull over life after D-Day - if I make it that far
everything that we take for granted today.. would have gone
except that is - select human beings with their strengths and weaknesses..

So the big thought running around in my head (other than how to survive that day) is whom do i want to survive with......

Defining art

Much has been said about the technical aspects of photography.

I'm being blunt when I say they're worth a damn.. in my book. There is nothing like a bad photograph. In fact the scientific approach to defining art as good or bad - is not worth subscribing to. One mans art is another mans fart.
I may like a photograph or I may not - it's a binary state analysis. If I do - then kudos to the artist.. else a few judo kicks in my mind. But I'm quite sure that someone somewhere will understand what was being depicted and appreciate it. 
A few budding artists sent me a few photographs to see if I could help them out. Try I did. But I believe that you do not need anyone else's appreciation to believe in yourself and your art. It's quite simple actually. Learn the technical aspects of photography - as you deem necessary to create the images that you would like to see. Don't over analyze your art to the point of making it a quantifiable entity. We all have our individual visi…

Travel in peace

Traveling to work has never been this much fun in Delhi. The commonwealth games have succeeded where years of planning have failed. They've cleared the traffic from Delhi roads. Suddenly we've learned traffic rules and the benefits of using the Metro.

The roads have improved and so have we. Now if only some parents had used condoms at the right time- we wouldn't have an excess of politicians.
Location:Mehrauli Gurgaon Rd,New Delhi,India