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Twisted mountain roads

Somewhere in the shadows, my destiny awaits.
The last couple of months have passed by like a whirlwind. No time to sit and take stock.
There's been the usual traveling down south working to sate that wanderlust. The missus has gone in for a job change that has altered the daily routine ( for the better). My page on Facebook just crossed 3000 fans, a milestone that came sooner than expected.. Folks have started noticing my photography and there are prompts to go full time commercial as well. I'm just glad that I can show them how I see the world.

Just turned 33 in the month of the virgin. There's a whole lot of life ahead, or not. Depends on how you see it. Sitting in the night train from Bellary to Bangalore, the lights in the distance whizzing by and PM Dawn playing their stuff in my head, I'm set adrift on memory bliss.

I like the thought of money and applause on the photography front - but I'm not ready to compromise on my style.. I love shooting people thru…