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Crossroad Rumination

A long time coming.
This post has me thinking to no real end.

Between the hectic tours, family emergencies and my photography - this poor blog has taken a bit of a backseat. It's not that I've stopped thinking or feeling - just stopped expressing.
There comes a time for rethinking and puts life at the crossroads somewhat. That which was right next to you, becomes distant. You don't notice at first - but the enormity of the situation hits you all of a sudden... as Murphy puts it - when least expected

There was a time when things were crystal clear. Everything seemed to fit like a brick in a wall rather than the 5000 piece jigsaw puzzle that life has now become.

So what do I do... I shell up!
Cos' my shell is the only place that's mine and it's private.
Stare dreamlessly on and hope for nothing. There are no conflicting thoughts here. There are no thoughts actually. Just some empty space that doesn't know whether to fill up or stay that way. The perfect term fo…