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It's like the title says...


...the key determinant to why we do what we do.
All actions are judged by their motives. If it were any other way, generals would be mass murderers, Income tax officials would be cheats and thieves and even a judge would be a murderer. The country would stop expecting self-sacrifice from its citizens and even the holiest of prophets would be guilty of misguiding millions.

Rat poison added to the rice to kill the rodents is a noble motive (no matter what Maneka says) but the same combination fed to a person would be guilty as sin. The question that comes to my mind is what is the right motive and what’s not.

I look for motives in actions around me at work.
There’re folks and then there are THOSE folks.
It’s like looking for patterns in a game.
Agendas abound - mostly of a personal nature. It’s difficult to get a hold of those which are beneficial to the organization and those beneficial to an individual or a group of individuals.

I guess that’s why they call it experience. Here’s what my experience tells me.
I respect that firm handshake - not too tight though.
Follow it up with a straight eye connected talker whom I would prefer to the schemer and one with all those extra slippery ideas
If an idea doesn’t sound right the first time you hear it - let it go.
Gut feelings should be respected.
Ego centric individuals should be controlled before they bloat up.
Many of the Top Guys thrive on sycophancy - there’s nothing you can do about it - except avoid it. Deliver results and your attitude will be accepted.

It all boils down to your motive...

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