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those days

Four little boys went to school together. They spent a lot of time growing up with each other.
They were each a little similar and a little different.

  • a class topper with the neatest handwriting. very soft at heart and speech. he wouldn't hurt a fly. Very thoughtful too
  • one an accountant at heart- with the desire to mint money. a yaaron ka yaar with an infectious smile. very hardworking - went back to work after parties.
  • one an all rounder who wanted to prove it to everyone around him. prove he did - whether at sports, studies, personality contests or Harvard... 
  • lastly - a guy who always almost got there... but not quite. he liked his wine and women and almost enjoyed life kingsize. 

College came and went. They stayed in touch though their paths were different. 
Careers started developing and still they connected.
All normal guys like you and I - engineers and accountants.

Then the first winds of change blew... from the west.
One decided to go to the US of A to complete his masters. All of them gathered and wished him bon voyage. It was only a matter of time before the others went as well.
One by one - two more succumbed to the US bug.
Someone joined a bank and someone went to Harvard. All folks with distinguished careers ahead.

One remained here.

He would look up at the stars from time to time and wonder. He wondered if they'd all be together again - ever. He looked forward to those fast and furious meetings on their India vacations making the most of it as they caught up on their friendship and lives.
He'd planned to attend all their weddings and ensure that he was there for their special moments. Two got married and he couldn't make it. The third is due to tie the knot in a few months. He knows he cannot go - again. It's not like he's given up on it - but there is a silent and painful realization that the trip to the US is not going to materialize.

He stays in touch with them over facebook and the mobile. But nothing beats a face to face conversation or the backslapping buddies of old. He sees their pictures and there is that not so happy feeling that they've all moved on. New friends abound for all of them.
But when it comes to that gang of four he lives in a time warp. He accepts the current situation - knowing that at least two of his three friends will never come back to India.

He's still there, living with that nostalgia -wishing he could rewind Father Time.


one blog to write - 15 mins
2 tickets to US - 1500$
the look on their faces if you suprise them - (priceless)

For everything else, there is facebook



one blog to write - 15 mins
2 tickets to US - 1500$
the look on their faces if you suprise them - (priceless)

For everything else, there is facebook

Awwwwww. That is such a poignant post.

Thanks for the appreciation folks.
Yes -i'd love to surprise them... and i'm happy that at least one of those 3 has decided to return to India.

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