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It's like the title says...

a tear

ajeeb hain dil ke dard yaaaron,na hon to mushkil hai jeen iska!!
jo hon to har dard ek heera, har ek gum hai nagina iska....
The tale of the heartless one continues.
Another gut wrenching saga is in the offing.
The fires of heaven
The sun sets across the horizon like the veil that drapes her face.
it’s difficult to comprehend the source of that pounding heartbeat that follows.
It could be your heart - but the high volume that I hear puts it closer to being me.

I feel a tear that captures all my emotions, dropping to the sand beneath. There’s no loud noise here. Just the million shards of a broken heart.
Nobody understands that poor tear, bereft of a home, searching for solace in a world that has gone cold. I choose to splatter across the grains of sand. They absorb me and I am no more. The hot sands devour me. There is little comfort in the fact that i have provided solace to the creatures of the sand.

The physical being that was me - a tear, no longer exists. I exist in thought and heart. My spiritual future is unpredictable.
Ring on!!
She walks the walk, small strides into the setting sun. Her dress swishes across the sandy surface. I wish i’d landed there instead. At least we would be together for some more time. I wish her to turn - palat, as they say in the innumerable films I’ve seen.
Those were but films.

They say it is a game. You win some and lose some more. But there’s no second chance in this game of life.

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