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The Best Twitter Breakup lines....

Ironic that this post should come in Valentines week.... but that's why it is so apt...!!
My tweetline shows that this was started by Chetan Bhagat.... with a promise for free autographed copies of his book for the winners!!!
After the party!!
Some of the lines are given below..... !!

  • It was only one tweet! it didn't mean anything, i swear..
  • it's not your tweets, it's mine
  • it's not's your tweets..
  • you said this silicone would NEVER leak..bye.
  • You blocked me .. I block you back ..........
  • I feel like this break up has made our relationship so much stronger
  • u shud've told me b4 kissing dat u didnt brush..
  • of course i want kids. just not like you.
  • you're good at measuring everything in life. ab raasta naapo! bye..
  • i loved you when i read yr first tweet, and hated you by the time i read your first retweet. the worst part its you
  • I'm not a hot middle eastern girl from Cali. I'm actually a fat middle aged man from Nebraska. Can we still be friends?
  • you are really tweet, but my buzz is around someone else
  • ok um ur Facebook isn't poppin', I need Myspace! & I've been following someone else, Tweet you later!
  • Sorry I started following your sister !
  • its not you its facebook
  • wanted you all to myself but it seems every1 has REtweeted you...twitterslut!!
  • let's stop tweeting each other


Haha. There was one I remember
' His handle is better than yours '
This was from @Mariyaness

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