Crazy world... insane thoughts
It's like the title says...


Dil to baccha hai ji...
the heart is a child.... a lil frivolous, a lil pendulum, goes from here to there.
when it beats - it refuses to see
these moments in life - they refuse to pass
Darr lagta hai kuchh kene se...
the freewheeling desires of the heart are forbidden
the apple that eve had for dinner and the hangover that followed

Aisi uljhi nazar unse hatti nahin
i saw her once
now i see her always

Chehre ki rangat udne lagi hai
the colors have faded from my face
this silken thread that binds us
this thread that cannot be broken

Kisko pata thaa ki dil aisa khel khelega
the games that people play
the heart is the culprit

Aisi nigaahon se dekha usne
.. or was it the way I looked at her

Hum to hameshaa sochte the dil accha hai
.... par woh to kamina nikla.
the memory of midnights past
the mornings that should never have come

Dil dhadakta hai jaise
Tauba ye lamhe
moments in the past
moments of solitude
interspersed with bodies and emotions

Yeh geet bas bajta rehta hai
no account for the number of times I have listened to this melody
the music stops
there is no rewind button
just fast forward to the next song
Is raat ki subah nahin
but I live in hope
then life.

shit! ure good with words! i mean "good" is an understatement!

kya baat hai sirji! :D

and i love this song...really looking forward to the movie!

Ms.Bansal - you honor me with your kind words. Much appreciated

I'm impressed sirji :)

all this for that one line you sent me babe!!

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