Crazy world... insane thoughts
It's like the title says...

Small learning

Having watched 3 idiots last evening the mind is flying at a pace that
rivals the shatabdi express. It's fun to be an idiot rather than
stupid - and a tad useful too.
So I'm 32 and wondering how I could free my mind given the load of
tripe I've been feeding it all along. Here's somethings I could
probably do.
- live for today in the moment
- follow a path of excellence in all that I do
- focus and develop my photography skills cos that's what I'd rather
be doing in life
- do the photography for myself - my way rather than always be
explaining it to those around me
- unlearn a lot of the stuff that's been keeping the mind in check so
- stop worrying so much
up Y***s
Allllllll is well....

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