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skin deep

skin deep, originally uploaded by recnamorcen_99.

stop reacting at the first line....
think it through..
issues and people are more than they really seem
there's more to life than the outer skin.
cos when you react impulsively - the opposite party is forced to react too.

My commitment for 2010 is to react less. To control that adrenaline rush and think things through. Call it maturity, call it aging, call it the bald man's try at peace!! Call it whatever.

I've seen the things, relationships and people that i've wrecked by being every so ready to react. Now it's time to peel away those layers and get to the deep end before I give an answer - before i take action.

I followed a dictum - my way or the goddamn expressway. Not any longer. We can all take the highway together. Makes for an easier living.
Be in peace all of you .... !!
That way I shall find my peace too.


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