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The moment could be upon you every once in a blue moon. It could also be upon you every other day. That depends on the way you play your cards.
Agni - The purifier....
When the moment begins, there is that totality to it. A loss of all external sensation as the rhythm rises to a crescendo. The coming together of all the great tenors could not have made this what it is right now. It's a breath of fresh air, that first raindrop that works it's way down the forehead or the first flake of winter snow. A cool breeze in the middle of summer that works it's way up to gale force. That song from the OLD SPICE advertisement plays on and on in my head as the the frequency reaches fever pitch. At the eye of the storm is an odd shaped peace.... it's odd that one feels divine, it's odd that the system reacts the way it does, it's peaceful in that no one can enter that cocoon. There is that moment that one wishes could last forever. There is the possibility that living within that moment you attain moksha as the induction motor reaches a working cycle where there is no power loss - the ideal machine.

The desire to live within that chant is human, the ability to do so is Godly.

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