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much ado about nothing.
My ego takes a real beating sometimes and it's not an easy feeling to digest. But then it's not fair to expect reciprocity all the time.
Will be off to Hyderabad next week - for 6 days. End up missing a good wedding too, thanks to the annual sales conference. But then I shall hopefully see Avatar in 3D!! Trust Runna shall get the tickets for that.
I got my new macbook today. It's the same 13" one that I previously owned (and still do) with a few minor soup ups and soup downs.....

  • theres a 250GB HDD now... wow
  • RAM went up from 1 to 2 GB
  • the body is sleeker
  • the screen is brighter
  • but there's no remote control ... presentations will suck
  • and they changed the mini-dvi out.... so i had to buy another adapter
  • and it costs a lot more in India... $999 translates to 56900 instead of 46500..... thats a whopping 10K difference!!
  • all the software is expensive as hell
  • migration between lappies is a breeze.... one wire.. 2 steps... and you're on your way!!
  • me is still hoping to own an IPAD someday

I want an iPad too

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