Crazy world... insane thoughts
It's like the title says...

the long journey home

If ever there was a fire in our hearts,
let it burn all the more bright, now.
skin deep

We were meant to be together - you and I.
The sands of time have flowed through that hour glass and yet we strive in dormancy.
When will you heed the cries of that lovelorn heart?
wrinkle cream please.....

Soon age will catch up and the love of ages will be left by the wayside - another story untold. Another tragedy added to the roster of love stories that didn't make it.
It is better untold, or lovers down the years will twitter & trend on the tragedy of that sweetest of emotions.

My eyes search for that familiar face among the strangers that abound. Maybe it is that most basic of human emotions-hope, that keeps me going. My quest continues. My camera shutter opens and closes with regularity as I deign to capture life's moments on the move. I'm at the point where medicine will fail to affect. A point where the sweet music plays in the heart.... and the reaper sharpens his scythe.

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