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Chennai diary

10 hours of highway driving ahead of me. Already feeling tired.
Especially since I have an overnight train to Trichy. My cuisine has
been limited vegetarian till now and has not enthralled.
The warm temperature has been a boon so far as I escaped the Delhi
chill - but that will evaporate as the perspiration begins.
There's an inordinately large amount of wall art here. Mostly
politicians from qaAmma to MK Stalin. They even have him painted on
their doors. The only plAce I'd paint a politician is on a dart board.
The locals converse with me in English and i've been warned against
using Hindi. This brings me to another conclusion that raj Thackeray
was not the first separatist / isolationist leader. Some of these Are
people who now rule us from the centre.
The drive to Vellore was quite peaceful And the road was like a light
breeze on a calm oceAn.
The foodie in me could not return to Chennai without partaking of
Ammas Biryani at the vellore bus stand. There Amidst the chaos of life
I found a great lunch and a reason to go back in six monthS.
My camera has stayed in the bag most of this trip due to time
constraints. I finally got it out on the return leg as we whizzed at
100km/h in our Maruti van.
Got in to office , refreshed , changed and headed to a ,
Chettinaad dinner with my team. The idliappams and chettinaad chicken
were amazing.
I trust my foodie habits leave my facebook friends with a feeling that
that's all I do. I work too.

I'm now on my way to Trichy and writing this in the darkness of the
Mangalore express. Tomorrow is a busy day before I catch the night
train to Chennai again.


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