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Blackberry Pie

I have always been a crackberry addict.... devoting a large part of waking / sleeping time to staying online and abreast of my email.
Now it is tim for the wifey to get into the groove and rock on with her new blackberry curve 8520.

So now.. ghar mein do-do blackberry
par... ek ghar mein sirf ek blackberry ho sakta hai!!!
Otherwise who'll do the cribbing when the spouse is checking email.

I have decided to move on and downgrade myself in the name of parity at home
I'm now the owner of an HTC HD2.
This is a BIG BIG phone.. though a tad thin and drool-worthy in it's own way...
It has an amazing processor (1 GHz) and lots of memory in addition to an 8GB memory card.
But it runs Windows Mobile 6.5

and I run an Apple OS - Snow Leopard!!!

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