Crazy world... insane thoughts
It's like the title says...

17 hours in Trichy

That's how long this trip was. But it feels a lot longer. Consider
this :
I slept for a full two hours in the last 36. That's cos trains keep me
I've been riding pillon with Muthu all day as we went Bout our
customer visits
Trichy roAds Are indian by nature
Trichy traffic is even more indian
My heavy camera bag on the shoulder helped exercise the pectoral muscles
My shirt had developed creAses from long travelling in the suitcase -
operation coverup included a sweater in the sweltering heat
Luckily the food was great and thrrefore in conclusion I shall carry
good memories - till the next time.
Now it's the rockfort express as we head back to sweet chennai.
One more day and I'm home ....

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