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It's like the title says...

Stuck with a NOBEL

Sir Alfred Nobel... invented Dynamite!!
Quite an explosive it is.

Now they've gone and given the NOBEL PEACE prize to Mr. O.
My congratulations to him on this win..... he's under 50 and achieved what most spend their lifetimes dreaming about.

Certain thoughts come to mind as I draw an analogy between the current awardee and a high school bully. Many a teacher has made the bully the class monitor in the hope that he will now be forced to use his forceful measures for peaceful purposes. The logic is rock solid - but more often than not - the class discipline is torn to shreds. The bully uses the opportunity to ramrod his way ahead.

Young Calvin doesn't really stand a chance in Hades when his toy is stolen and smashed by Moe the class bully.
Now let's see what's in Store for Iran, Iraq, the Afghans..... and the rest of the world - that the man has been appreciated for his plans - but not delivered results....

Those are still sometime away.

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