Crazy world... insane thoughts
It's like the title says...

Change is a comin...

There's a crazy lil feeling at the bottom of my stomach.
Something tells me that CHANGE is coming.
I mean change is life's BIG story - but nobody expects it when it happens.

This particular element of change has been playing in my head for a while now...
Its not about anyone element in my life.... it's like a whole lot of stuff that keeps flitting in and out and somehow i can't make up my bald mind.

On the work front - challenges are welcome. Idiots are not. Yet I spend a lot of my "productive" time figuring out ways of dealing with them. The work has to go on despite low-down idiots who make the world a more complex place to live in.

On the personal front - been doing a lot, traveling a bit , happily married , cut down on my boozing - but I need to do more... it's like saying i'm running against myself all the time - endeavoring to do things differently - to do them better - to be creative

On my Photography - I look back at what i used to shoot and compare that with today... I almost always end up cringing... did I actually shoot like that
On my computer gaming - have become slower - age is catching up
On working out - gotta restart that....
peace be upon me!!

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