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Anger management!!

The wrath of a woman scorned...

Hell hath no fury... so spoke a famous wise man. Many an Adam has learned not to mess with Eve ever since. Numerous examples abound in the mindspace that talk of what happens when you piss off the wrong woman (actually, any woman) - as a certain Mr.Bobbit would hate to recount.

My idea behind this post is not to scare men from the obvious end that comes about when you get caught doing the morally incorrect. My point is that there aren’t angry young men around today.... The women are doing all the “anger management”.

The only angry man that history seems to recount is Lord Shiva with his third eye. Closer to home - bollywood tales focus on Mr. Bacchan in the 70s. But there is a visible dearth of sensibly angry young men. Before that was Adolf Hitler and the Kaiser. Not quite the icons one would hope to follow. The angry male touted as a creature that resents authority and rules longing to wreak havoc on any and all, planning revenge for the wrongs done unto it.

Angry men are touted as warmongers rather than creatures in rebellion against established conventional half truths inspiring creativity. A myth that some day shall be dispelled.
I examined some common scenarios that we encounter on a regular basis.
You get angry at work - antisocial, can’t work as a team member, bad influence
You get angry at home - wife beater, no tolerance
You get angry on the road - road rage, Dillwallah
You shout at a subordinate - HARI SADU

In any of the above mentioned cases - an angry woman is said to be fighting for her rights. She is brave, heroic & a modern day Rani of Jhansi.

Why this disparity?
My learned friends from the female gender will point out the rise of the oppressed woman finally freed from the yokels of the Male. They’re liberated... fighting a minority battle on behalf of those as yet oppressed.

 I present ME!


prachi said…
heheh...i love the way you write buddy! BTW, this post reminds me of this ad i saw on the roads "dahej kanuno ki aad me patni dwara sataye gaye pati keval likhe mile nahi!" sympathies dude!

One more thing, after 5 years of ID giri, cant help appreciating how the blog display is extremely convenient for the reader! kudos :D

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