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Plans for Kolkata

The Journey of a 1000 days begins with that first step.
This is a 5 day trip to Kolkata for the Durga Puja. Supriya is already there.... i’m just joining in the fun. My Ma (read M-I-L) doesn’t know I’m coming in tonight. This should be a nice lat night surprise as I touch down at 23:40!!

The Delhi traffic and a hectic day in the field have ensured that I boarded the flight ina state of extreme hunger and mood swings. The pretty face with a HUGE rock on her finger sitting next to me, toying with her Iphone provides some sense to the journey. But the fact that I’m typing this and shes sleeping are ample evidence that my charm is fading!!!

I’ve been planning this trip for the last 3 months... and armed with all the camera equipment that my bag could carry -I’ve set forth on a path of hopeful exploration in the City of Joy.
This post is being written on the flight - so obviously it’ll get posted in a bit. But here’re a few things I hope to achieve on this trip (my 3rd Durga Puja in Kolkata)
  •  Go on the river Hooghly
  • Visit 25+ Durga Pandals
  • Overdose on Puckas
  • Spend a few hours at Oxford - the bookstore
  • Pastries at Flurys
  • Garlic pickle from the mela at Park circus
  • Photographs... photographs... and then some more
  • Quality family time with Ma & Baba
  • Visit the museum
  • Catch up with Friends - both old, new and some first timers from Twitter
So till.. later!!
Keep watching this space and see how things are shaping up!

Surprise Ma at midnight - check
Visit 25+ pandals - check
Photographs - check
Catch up with old & new friends - check
Visit Oxford - check
Pastries at Flury - Check
Quality family time - check

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