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Pandals & More

My target was 50 Puja Pandals in 5 days.... I barely passed at 22!!
Am sharing a few pics here with you.
The real Heroine.... smacks evil butt
More are available by clicking here

This one was from South America... transposed all the way across to Kolkata
Durga Puja - HA Block (Salt Lake)

Then there's this lookalike of a government building...
Durga Puja - Bagh Bazaar

.. and this one which attempts to replicate a south Indian temple.
Durga Puja - Mohd. Ali Park

But my award goes to The Pandal at Mudiali made of Banana Leacves & stems...
Durga Puja - Mudiali

Check out the next post for the Culinary tour of Kolkata!!

Thanks Arjun! I can always count on you to keep me updated on festivals :)

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