Crazy world... insane thoughts
It's like the title says...

Mirror Mirror...

Mirror Mirror on  the wall.... tell me what you see.
Who is the fairest one in all the land?

  .... so maybe I ain't the fairest one.... but what stops me from having a high (not conceitedly high) opinion of mysef?
A certain approach that allows for PUBLIC OPINION. It makes for bouts of depression, frustration and a general low!

A friend of mine asked for a HAPPY POST.... and I'm trying... but the wind is blowing in spasms through the elephant grass and the trees are looking wistfully upon me. The body wants to shake a boogie woogie - the mind disapproves!
Darkness hath it's own virtues... it may not be utopian in nature... but allows for soul searching - something which is difficult to do in the HAPPIER DAYS.
The destroyer sleeps...
Sometimes it's easier to define ourselves in terms of what we're not than what we are
Here's what I'm not.... at least not always...

  • always honest
  • ever the understanding one
  • secular to the core
  • the good son
  • the empathetic boss
  • hardest worker of the month, at work
  • the careful spender
  • modest
  • man with gandhian virtues
  • the original humorist
the poor mirror is about to crack.....

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