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A birthday to forget....

a rose with my name, originally uploaded by recnamorcen_99.

yep this one at no.32 is to be erased from all official records...!!
sound like a groaner.. that I am not.

but the latest event has left me in a bit of a shell shocked state.
my new phone - the Nokia N97.... nice phone.. but it just didn't work for me.
it's now back with the original gift-giver (the wife). she likes it. in fact she'd been LUSTing for it ever since she saw it. Not providence has played a hand.

where does that leave me????
Back with the old Blackberry Bold ..... will have to start intoning, "if bold is old and old is gold, then why do i get this feeling that I've been rolled"


awwwww! just one of those things i guess. on the bright side sup gets a new N97. :-)

it'll get better. u do realise thta. write a happy post now plsssss! year will be much much better :)

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