Crazy world... insane thoughts
It's like the title says...

32 and counting

I'd intended to write this post a while back.
Flitting thoughts and not so providential circumstances have kept me off writing for a bit. I'm surprised at me too...

They say getting past 30 is getting past the top of the hill. It's all downhill thereafter.
I did my stock taking on that on a couple of suns ago. Somehow my personal thoughts on the issue differ. The best parts of life are yet to come.

Yes - school was a great experience, college was fun - and a slog up the corporate ladder was great learning.Now it's time to do something with all that accumulated talent and experience.
I'm not taking anything away from all those TOP ACHIEVERS who jumped levels and are close to the sun at this time.
However - Mango man that I am - my life's milestones are staring at me... still some distance away.
cut my cake and eat it too
I intend to cut my cake and eat it too...
The world is yet to witness the true explosion. My current profession is in the field of healthcare - specifically - Diagnostics. It's not what I've planned for my life, however.  There's a Pullitzer with my name on it... somewhere out there.... 

I am laughing at your mom's expression. Happy belated birthday!

I turn 32 in Nov and I know there is no Pultizer in my name but maybe my kids' names? Is that sad? Or is that a sign of how I spent my life?

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