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Food Sampling....

Kolkata is a foodie's paradise... and it's not expensive either.
I've been hogging to the extent I risked an upset tummy!!

A few friends have already left sureptious comments on my facebook status updates stating that they weren't to happy about my methods of driving them green with envy using food as a medium.

Well everyone has had the mishti in Kolkata.
I sampled the other stuff..

The Rolls at BEDWIN in Golpark

The devilled crabs & beef Steaks at Mocambo - long waiting lines till the evening (for lunch)

The Chelo Kebabs at Peter Cat - especially mouthwatering

The Chingdi Maach (Prawns - Big Ones) at home
The Kosha Mangsho that was prepared in my honor
The churmur that mother got home (no pics of this one since ity disappeared pretty fast)
The Chinese Food at Fung Fa in Tangra!!
The Kolkata Paan ... with all the added condiments.

Still not done with the all that this city has to offer... I hope to be back for more... soon

Pandals & More

My target was 50 Puja Pandals in 5 days.... I barely passed at 22!!
Am sharing a few pics here with you.

More are available by clicking here

This one was from South America... transposed all the way across to Kolkata

Then there's this lookalike of a government building...

.. and this one which attempts to replicate a south Indian temple.

But my award goes to The Pandal at Mudiali made of Banana Leacves & stems...

Check out the next post for the Culinary tour of Kolkata!!

Plans for Kolkata

The Journey of a 1000 days begins with that first step.
This is a 5 day trip to Kolkata for the Durga Puja. Supriya is already there.... i’m just joining in the fun. My Ma (read M-I-L) doesn’t know I’m coming in tonight. This should be a nice lat night surprise as I touch down at 23:40!!

The Delhi traffic and a hectic day in the field have ensured that I boarded the flight ina state of extreme hunger and mood swings. The pretty face with a HUGE rock on her finger sitting next to me, toying with her Iphone provides some sense to the journey. But the fact that I’m typing this and shes sleeping are ample evidence that my charm is fading!!!

I’ve been planning this trip for the last 3 months... and armed with all the camera equipment that my bag could carry -I’ve set forth on a path of hopeful exploration in the City of Joy.
This post is being written on the flight - so obviously it’ll get posted in a bit. But here’re a few things I hope to achieve on this trip (my 3rd Durga Puja in Kolka…

Mirror Mirror...

Mirror Mirror on  the wall.... tell me what you see.
Who is the fairest one in all the land?

.... so maybe I ain't the fairest one.... but what stops me from having a high (not conceitedly high) opinion of mysef?
A certain approach that allows for PUBLIC OPINION. It makes for bouts of depression, frustration and a general low!

A friend of mine asked for a HAPPY POST.... and I'm trying... but the wind is blowing in spasms through the elephant grass and the trees are looking wistfully upon me. The body wants to shake a boogie woogie - the mind disapproves!
Darkness hath it's own virtues... it may not be utopian in nature... but allows for soul searching - something which is difficult to do in the HAPPIER DAYS.

Sometimes it's easier to define ourselves in terms of what we're not than what we are
Here's what I'm not.... at least not always...

always honestever the understanding onesecular to the corethe good sonthe empathetic bosshardest worker of the month, at work

A birthday to forget....

a rose with my name, originally uploaded by recnamorcen_99. yep this one at no.32 is to be erased from all official records...!!
sound like a groaner.. that I am not.

but the latest event has left me in a bit of a shell shocked state.
my new phone - the Nokia N97.... nice phone.. but it just didn't work for me.
it's now back with the original gift-giver (the wife). she likes it. in fact she'd been LUSTing for it ever since she saw it. Not providence has played a hand.

where does that leave me????
Back with the old Blackberry Bold ..... will have to start intoning, "if bold is old and old is gold, then why do i get this feeling that I've been rolled"


there is darkness... then i search for light
there is failure.... i try to succeed
there is loss, the quest for gain continues

But when i see her sitting there, my heart melts
Yet i do nothing, but click.

she hopes...
i hope too..

32 and counting

I'd intended to write this post a while back.
Flitting thoughts and not so providential circumstances have kept me off writing for a bit. I'm surprised at me too...

They say getting past 30 is getting past the top of the hill. It's all downhill thereafter.
I did my stock taking on that on a couple of suns ago. Somehow my personal thoughts on the issue differ. The best parts of life are yet to come.

Yes - school was a great experience, college was fun - and a slog up the corporate ladder was great learning.Now it's time to do something with all that accumulated talent and experience.
I'm not taking anything away from all those TOP ACHIEVERS who jumped levels and are close to the sun at this time.
However - Mango man that I am - my life's milestones are staring at me... still some distance away.
I intend to cut my cake and eat it too...
The world is yet to witness the true explosion. My current profession is in the field of healthcare - specifically - Diagnostics.…

Life is unforgiving....

It is my 32nd birthday today.
It is also a day that will haunt me forever.

I recently visited Ludhiana but couldn't meet my grandmother for paucity of time.
Today - she has passed away.

Life gives us many chances - and few lessons.
This is my lesson. The taint of guilt that I feel will never rub off...

I'm sitting in office - not knowing what to do or say.
Well wishers and friends greet me on my birthday and I cannot share a smile.