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That Kamina Feeling!

a caper!!
That’ff what thif movie if all about - 24 hourff fftraight in the livefff of a fet of characterff.
Actually it’ff anything but ffraight! The lineff between black and white are fairly well blurred. The plot thickenff and thinff moving at breakneck ffpeed with ne’er a moment of refpite.

Some points that are worth a mention:
  • There are definite shades of Tarantino to the film, though I cannot for the life of me recollect any plot that resembles this one.
  • They take a filmy cliche, turn it topsy turvy, add some mind-blowing music and serve it back to you.
  • The primary track - dhan ta nan.... is something we’ve known since childhood.. and it adds fibre to this 140 minute thriller.
  • The use of local languages and dialects is another factor that serves to entertain. It adds that flavor that we’d fail to capture otherwise.
  • The songs are not out of place
  • The film doesn’t drag - it ends when it has to.

Go watch it!!
C’mon you mufft watch Charlie go do hif thing :-)

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