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It's like the title says...

Flashback time!!

Just got an email from a blast in the past!!
Then I simply had to call her!!
An old flame that burnt out and burnt me in the process (Me wasn't smart enough to apply boroline then).

Now a mother of 2 and wife as well!!
Ha - I just wonder how fast this wheel of time turns!!!

Called up wifey and told her abt it. She shrugged it off with nonchalance asking only if the person in question wanted to marry me. I replied in the negative and so there the story ended.... Me was hoping for more!!!

I hope she didn't call cos' it was RAKSHABANDHAN!!!!

LOL! she chose a weird day to call :P

That she did - after more than a decade!!

Hehehe i particularly liked your wifey's reaction! ;)

and LOL @ "I hope she didn't call cos' it was RAKSHABANDHAN!!!!"

Maybe she did yaar! Muahahahahaha :D

I DEFINITELY hope she didn't call cos' it was RAKSHABANDHAN!!!! :P

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