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Hanging on!!

Hanging on!!, originally uploaded by recnamorcen_99. Been in bed these last 2 days...
Me hates fevers which bring about a sudden weakness.... more than anything else.
Is this what they call : Being under the weather!!

I will be travelling end of the week - visiting Varanasi / Allahabad / Lucknow for a whirlwind kinda tour.... then off to Amritsar & Ludhiana next week...

So I need my health to get back into shape.... to ensure that I don't go *poof* somewhere down the road..

Barely hanging on.. . for now!


Bathtime, originally uploaded by recnamorcen_99. ..always good to go in for a cleanup every now and then.
Turn over a new page once in a while and surprise yourself.... the others will get surprised anyways!!

It's interesting how one small change in the routine...
one small change in putting things across can make a world of a difference to a relationship...
... a few drops of water can wash away hitherto unseen specks of dirt and open up the mind to possibilities.... of life... love .. and growth.

In time....

remembering the good old days, originally uploaded by recnamorcen_99. The lines of experience aid understanding.
The withering of the outer shell is another story altogether.

At 31+ it seems pretty far fetched that the body will age and the mind ripen.
But those lines, like tributaries to a river, start meandering. The mind follows likewise.
The rains & cool winds bring forth a breather... but sometimes they come too late.
Then the wind only serves to blow away the remains of the day!
The rain washes away whatever remained!

The life of a leaf

The life of a leaf, originally uploaded by recnamorcen_99. Experience.. you just can't beat it!

Each line reflects the changing season... the coming of age ...
This experience is hard earned and not every leaf gets there.

The same with us... there're some things I have learned by experience. No school, college or classroom could have taught them in the same way.

Each interaction with you has shaped me.
We're not much different from leaves on a tree. Some hold on to that tree. Some fly away with the wind. Some are eaten away by worms and disease. The tree continues to grow...

Windows & Mirrors!

A photograph is meant to be one of the two. It can either show what's there or suggest what's within.
The window is descriptive - it's transparent , baring the soul to the watcher. The subject is selected for what it is and provides the information dictated as such.

The mirror seeks to transform the subject into a metaphor for the mind of the photographer. It is transformative in nature and clouds the mind with the intended thoughts. It's generally not so straightforward an interpretation as a window... this one makes you think.. it makes you imagine.

One mans mirror is another mans window - depends on how you look at it.
I want my photography to be a window to my soul reflecting the transformation within...

That Kamina Feeling!

a caper!!
That’ff what thif movie if all about - 24 hourff fftraight in the livefff of a fet of characterff.
Actually it’ff anything but ffraight! The lineff between black and white are fairly well blurred. The plot thickenff and thinff moving at breakneck ffpeed with ne’er a moment of refpite.

Some points that are worth a mention:
There are definite shades of Tarantino to the film, though I cannot for the life of me recollect any plot that resembles this one. They take a filmy cliche, turn it topsy turvy, add some mind-blowing music and serve it back to you.The primary track - dhan ta nan.... is something we’ve known since childhood.. and it adds fibre to this 140 minute thriller.The use of local languages and dialects is another factor that serves to entertain. It adds that flavor that we’d fail to capture otherwise. The songs are not out of placeThe film doesn’t drag - it ends when it has to.
Go watch it!!
C’mon you mufft watch Charlie go do hif thing :-)

Flashback time!!

Just got an email from a blast in the past!!
Then I simply had to call her!!
An old flame that burnt out and burnt me in the process (Me wasn't smart enough to apply boroline then).

Now a mother of 2 and wife as well!!
Ha - I just wonder how fast this wheel of time turns!!!

Called up wifey and told her abt it. She shrugged it off with nonchalance asking only if the person in question wanted to marry me. I replied in the negative and so there the story ended.... Me was hoping for more!!!

I hope she didn't call cos' it was RAKSHABANDHAN!!!!