Crazy world... insane thoughts
It's like the title says...

The night train

Traveling by the Chouri ChourA express from Kanpur to Gorakhpur. Lying
covered on the top berth listening to Dev D and his quest to find
Saali Khushi

I see the couple opposite and he's in love with her. She's giving me
the look and I amused Supriya with the possibilities as she bade me
good night. It's 10:09 and we've crossed Allahabad. Outlook money is
the only magazine that Govind could find on the platform and I leave
him to read it.
Dev D has transitioned to Vivaldis four seasons and spring is here.
There's that odd feeling when i'm feeling lonesome - I miss the missus
and I feel like a long talk. So talk to the blog I shall.
I've undertaken many a train journey. However this will be the first
time that I'll be traveling on four consecutive days in four different
trains. Delhi to Kanpur to Gorakhpur to Varanasi to Delhi. But I
remember one particular trip from Delhi to Pune in the first yeAr of
my MBA. It made for excellent conversation between Mia and me. We sat
and talked all night long. Interestingly we weren't sleepy next
morning. We talked about all sorts of stuff from music to love to the
professors. It was like Billy Joel going for a walk through the
river in His dreams. It cemented our friendship for the next two
years before she married hiM and had to choose between love and
friendship. I miss some of my good friends. I wonder if they miss me
It's been a while since the MBA got done and I haven't really stayed
in touch. Might I be at fault here?
The question plays like a beaten record through the wilderness of my
mind. It's like listening to rock'n'roll in the desert- kinda lost
26 minutes since I started writing this. The girl is asleep the boy
feels like love just ain't enough. Govind has dozed off too. Husband
and wife are separated by 500 miles...


Me miss you too baby

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