Crazy world... insane thoughts
It's like the title says...

Guts and Brains

Ever so rarely one comes across a well thought out experiment that begs you to think
Ok - So it also made me want to write!
This is the age old fight between the left brain and the right brain, between Spocks Logic and Kirks gut feeling.  It's been raging for time immemorial and no clear winners have emerged. It also depends on what you're looking for.

Are you looking for the "RIGHT" thing?
Are you looking to find what fits "BEST"?
Both tracks move down seemingly parallell lines... but they never meet.
The latest addition

It was much easier as a child when experience didn't cloud the GUT or BRAIN. It was so much simpler to go the RIGHT way or be wary of mommy when you knew that some mischief was at hand.

Take a walk...
We constantly tell ourselves that wrong is right and then one day the lines get blurred to the extent that our GUTS guide us wrong.

But inside of me I believe.. I know what is RIGHT and WHAT'S NOT. There's always something around to motivate me to take a middle path than the one that's right. WHY?
morning clouds.... no respite from the heat
Maybe it's the easier way out.
Maybe my brain would have me believe that there's no other way out.
.. but always, a nagging feeling in my gut, hidden deep inside... tells me what I refuse to hear.

Thats a nice photo of the girl walking in the rain - totally lost in her world and cool in the rain

The lil angel is shoo cuuteee and as Jonhy said, the girl's pic is just too well shot!

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