Crazy world... insane thoughts
It's like the title says...

The first Prick... is not as bad as the last!

Needles hurt!!
Tattooing causes pain!!
it's actually like this
Being a man does not lessen that.
It's tougher since you're expected to grain and bear it.
I lost my "virginity" in the words of the gentleman at FUNKY MONKY when I got my first tattoo....
The sign!!
The first prick was the scariest - but kinda like an anticlimax!
It didn't hurt as much as the last one.
What started out as a bee sting grew to a gnawing pain at the end of 90 minutes on the chair.
All I wanted was it for it to end. I almost stopped him a couple of times when he filled in color, rubbing that needle into my arms evoking a bloody response.
It looks worthwhile after the effort and the expense... but believe you me... it was stubbornness that kept me going!!!
sharing a passion 
Sharing a tattoo with Ruchi...

My version of James Bond ... with Sups and the nomad!
James Bond revisited

oyee...its not shoulder as u said, its i understand why it'll be visible wen u'll wear a t-shirt!

Nice.. u mentioned the "first one".. how many do u have?

My husband and I are crazy tattoo freaks, but it does get a tad bit expensive, so the hobby is on a sabatical for a couple of yrs :D

U have a lovely blog :)

@Holy T - yes visible it is.... but the main aim is for it is to reflect ME

@Dee well - this is the first one.. I got it yesterday - but I know now that there will be more. My wife ain't so crazy abt tattoos - she's not planning to let me get some more. But i shall persevere...

Thank you for the compliment on the blog... will look forward to your regular visit(s).

Dude, you blog as well!!
Wonderful first tattoo. Goes well with the french beard and the baldness. Who designed it? Whats the N for?(Its an N right?)

I am planning on getting on when I turn 40(ahem 8 yrs away btw) or when I hit my goal size.whichever comes first. Mine is going to be a rose with 4 A as petals. Mere charo bacho ke naamo ko liye. It was designed by my eldest child.


@asaan ... yep - I blog too. In fact I started blogging way back in Feb 05.
Thank you for the tattoo appreciation ... designed by someone . modded by me to fit in that 12 .. the date of my birth....

.. btw 40 is eons away...I'll be 32 soon so i hate to plan for 8 yrs ahead. You have 4 lil petals ... who'll not really appreciate the fact that you get a tattoo at 40 when they're into their teens... might just turn around and say MOMMA WHAT'RE U UPTO???


Oye no more tatoo tears got one done. Bug me and I'l squeeze your arm :P

hey .. just one more... a reallly big one this time

wow! welcome to the CLUB. i got my second one on the back of my neck. and yes now i want another one. uffff! :-)
i like yours. :D

ps: its not half as painful as you made it out to be except for the first few pricks. ;-)


Tattoo looks awesome! ;)

My friend got a tattoo and she told me that threading our eyebrows hurt more.

I find that difficult to believe.

I toh would never go near a needle.
Maybe i'll ask them drug me first, and then i MIGHT consider getting a tattoo. :P

@utopia... yes - it's a good club to be in... and pls note that there is a cetain artistic license one takes when expressing pain.. you should feel the pain when reading :p

@Miss M - i've never threaded the eyebrows or given birth to a child. Ladies have expressed these 2 sentiments as very high on the PAIN spectrum.
Me- I'm just a guy - who doesn't DIG pain!!

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