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Excerpts from a trip

There are always things one remembers after an adventure.
I haven't taken a solo holiday in what must be ages... I stopped wanting / needing to go out on a trip by myself!!

But here I am - back from Hyderabad.. on a part working / part holiday kind of trip. The fact that I spent some time with 2 close friends - Johnny & Ash(a) helped a great deal.
The company was great ,  the food was amazing, the history  was enlightening... all in all a trip to remember & cherish!!

Here are some moments...
John & I
With Johnny under the arches at the Charminar - indeed very lucky to get upstairs!

The desperate and the bored
The Bored and the Desperate aka BAD

Asha and Me
Asha & I at the Golconda fort - before the long walk up!

Rain is a coming

dance lets the hair down... unless that is.. you are bald like me

Salsa Extreme!!
Salsa ignition!!

More Bangles
Selecting Bangles for the Missus and the Momma!

The charminar
The 4 minarets... easy to recognize!!

sky view
Home sweet home - here I come!


Beautiful pics!!

Especially the bangles wala pic. So how many did you buy for the missus? And more importantly, did she like them?

One day I am gonna visit hyderabd just for the jewellery! And biryani ofcourse. :D

sigh! you made me homesick Arjun. Charminar, Golconda and John, I miss them all!

Good to see you had fun :)

Hey i wen to Hyd last month and took a few similar pics, of course not in the same league as urs..:-)
so did u have the biryani,though I dont like it that much.

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